Split Face Dive: A Dangerous and Disturbing Trend

Split face dive is a term that refers to a viral gore video that shows a man diving off a bridge and hitting a concrete slab, splitting his face in half vertically. The video then cuts to a hospital scene where the man is still alive and conscious, with his face being held together by a doctor. The video has been circulating online since 2009, and has sparked curiosity, horror, and disbelief among viewers. But what is the truth behind this shocking video? And why are some people trying to recreate it as a challenge?

The Origin of the Split Face Dive Video

The split face dive video was reportedly filmed in Beirut, Lebanon, in June 2009. According to some sources, the man in the video was a 16-year-old boy who was diving with his brother near the Manara Promenade, opposite the American University. The boy slipped before the dive and missed the ocean, hitting a steel casing around a concrete slab instead. The impact caused his face to split open, and he fell into the water, which turned red with blood. He was rescued by some people and boats, and taken to the American University Hospital, which was only a quarter mile away from the accident site.

The video was allegedly shot by two different cellphones: one by a girl who witnessed the dive, and another by someone who was present in the ER. The video was then uploaded to the internet, where it quickly went viral. Some people claimed that the video was fake, while others tried to find out more about the identity and fate of the diver.

The Reality of the Split Face Dive Video

The split face dive video has been widely debated and analyzed by experts and amateurs alike. Some have pointed out inconsistencies and errors in the video, such as the lack of proper medical care, the different lighting and quality of the footage, and the implausibility of surviving such a severe injury. Others have argued that the video is real, citing eyewitness accounts, hospital records, and medical explanations.

According to journalist Robert Lindsay, who claimed to have done extensive research on the video, the diver’s name was Hossam Yassine, and he survived the accident with minimal brain damage. Lindsay also claimed that Yassine underwent several surgeries to reconstruct his face, and that he was able to speak and eat normally after six months. However, Lindsay’s claims have not been verified by any official sources, and his blog post has been deleted.

The most reliable source of information about the split face dive video seems to be an article published by Al-Akhbar, a Lebanese newspaper, in July 2009. The article interviewed Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sittah, a plastic surgeon who treated Yassine at the American University Hospital. According to Dr. Abu-Sittah, Yassine suffered from a “butterfly fracture” that split his face into two halves along the midline. He said that Yassine was lucky to survive because his brain was not damaged, and that he managed to reattach his face using titanium plates and screws. He also said that Yassine would need several more operations to restore his facial functions and appearance.

Dr. Abu-Sittah confirmed that Yassine was 16 years old at the time of the accident, and that he was diving with his brother and friends as a hobby. He also said that Yassine’s family was very supportive of him, and that they did not want any publicity or compensation for their ordeal. He added that Yassine was recovering well, and that he hoped to resume his studies soon.

The Split Face Dive Challenge

Despite the horrific nature of the split face dive video, some people have been inspired to imitate it as a challenge. The split face dive challenge involves displaying two contrasting emotions on each side of the face, creating a striking visual effect. Some people use makeup, filters, or editing software to create the illusion of a split face, while others use their facial muscles to manipulate their expressions.

The split face dive challenge has been popularized by social media platforms such as TikTok, where users post videos of themselves performing the challenge with various themes and scenarios. Some examples of the split face dive challenge are:

  • Showing happiness on one side and sadness on the other
  • Showing love on one side and hate on the other
  • Showing fear on one side and courage on the other
  • Showing anger on one side and calmness on the other
  • Showing surprise on one side and boredom on the other

The split face dive challenge is intended to be a fun and creative way of expressing oneself, as well as testing one’s facial control and flexibility. However, some critics have argued that the challenge is insensitive and disrespectful to the original diver and his family, and that it trivializes a serious and traumatic event. They have also warned that the challenge could encourage people to attempt dangerous stunts or harm themselves in order to achieve a split face.

The Conclusion

The split face dive video is a shocking and disturbing piece of media that has captivated and horrified millions of viewers around the world. The video shows a man diving off a bridge and splitting his face in half, and then being treated in a hospital. The video has been debated and scrutinized for its authenticity and accuracy, and has inspired some people to recreate it as a challenge. The split face dive video is a testament to the power and impact of viral media, as well as the resilience and courage of human beings.

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