Consider Mess: Revealing Nguyen Duy Tri’s Bold Acid Madness in 2023

Imagine a kaleidoscope of vivid colours popping into being, accompanied by throbbing beats that resemble the chaotic pulse of a dying city. This is the universe of Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Think of Mess,” an immersive experience that challenges your senses to deal with the disarray and paradoxes of modern life.

Think of MessĀ  is an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of performance, music, and visual art. It is more than just an art display. It’s evidence of the audacity of Vietnamese artist Nguyen Duy Tri, whose provocative and shamelessly raw compositions have carved out a special place for himself in the international art scene.

Acid Journey via Images:

Entering the exhibition area feels like diving into a bucket of Day-Glo paint. Neon green vines pulse around the walls, and electric blue figures twist and turn in unimaginable directions. The distinctive “dripping” method of Duy Tri elicits a frenzied intensity, as though the canvases are melting and seeping onto the ground.

These canvases are populated by a diverse cast of misfits and outcasts. Leering back at the observer are grotesque individuals with twisted faces and exaggerated limbs, their blank eyes expressing the insanity of human existence. And yet, there’s a hint of humour in the middle of the frantic pandemonium. By incorporating whimsical aspects such as cartoon characters and pop culture allusions into his artwork, Duy Tri serves as a gentle reminder to not take existential dread or oneself too seriously.

Rebellion’s Sonic Boom:

The throbbing soundtrack that fills the exhibition space amplifies the visual pandemonium. Experienced musician Duy Tri works with producers of electronic music to create soundscapes that reflect the chaotic intensity of his images. The sound of distorted guitar riffs echoes the city’s nighttime chorus of sirens and honking horns, while bass rhythms pulse like heartbeats.

This audio bombardment is an essential component of the experience, not just background noise. You are compelled by the music to move and pulse in time with the show, turning yourself into a cog in Duy Tri’s daring machine. It serves as a visceral reminder that, whether we want to admit it or not, we are all involved in the crazy dance of contemporary life.

Activity & Performance:

Think of Mess by Duy Tri is an invitation to engage rather than a passive viewing experience. Performance artists interact with the audience throughout the presentation, obfuscating the distinction between observer and observed. The deformed forms of the canvases are mirrored in the movements of the costumed figures that move throughout the room.

The boundaries between the artist and the audience are further broken down by interactive installations. It is encouraged for viewers to interact with, feel, and even add to the changing artwork. This interactive component emphasises Duy Tri’s point, which is that art is a dynamic force that demands our active participation rather than something to be passively received.

Social Analysis Beneath the Neon:

Beneath the surface of its surreal chaos, “Think of Mess” conveys a strong social commentary. The deformed people and disorganised settings created by Duy Tri are emblems for the alienation and anxiety that characterise modern civilization.

In Duy Tri’s neon-drenched universe, the overstimulation of the digital era, the unrelenting pursuit of consumerism, and the widening economic divide are all made clear. He challenges us to see behind the glossy exterior of contemporary life and forces us to face the harshness and absurdity of our reality.

Sour Legacy:

“Think of Mess” is a statement of artistic audacity rather than merely a 2023 art exhibition. It demonstrates Nguyen Duy Tri’s steadfast dedication to pushing limits and questioning the current quo. Duy Tri creates an environment where chaos and critique clash with his bold graphics, throbbing music, and interactive performances. The result is a setting that leaves viewers feeling enthralled, perplexed, and unquestionably transformed.


As one emerges from “Think of Mess,” a neon vortex, they can’t help but feel transformed. The colours are brighter, the noises are louder, and the world outside appears more defined. We have been awakened from our complacency by Duy Tri’s artistic acid trip, which serves as a reminder that chaos and order, beauty and ugliness, are frequently two sides of the same coin.

Think of Mess is an experience that stays with you long after you leave the exhibition space, whether you like it or not. It serves as a powerful reminder that art has the ability to awaken us by confronting us with realities that we frequently choose to ignore.

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