Mahaveeryar Movie Review

Mahaveeryar is an 2022 Indian Malayalam-language fantasy comedy film directed by Abrid Shine and produced by Pauly Jr. Pictures. It is based on the short story of Mukundan and stars Nivin Pauly, Asif Ali, Shanvi Srivastava, Lal, and Siddique.

The movie starts with the plight of King Rudra Mahaveera who is plagued by hiccups and his entire kingdom is concerned about his health. The story then jumps forward to modern times where a swami named Apoorvanandhan is taken into custody and produced before a judge Siddique. But, how is this man supposed to live in peace when he can’t sleep?

Mahaveeryar is effective satire, but it takes a darker turn when it focuses on exploitation of power. The movie’s women are mostly objects of desire and servitude, and the movie highlights this in a disturbing way. Shanvi Srivastava plays a beautiful young woman, yet she seems vulnerable.

Nivin Pauly is effective as Swami Apoornananthan, the movie’s spiritual teacher. Lal, meanwhile, has a garbled baritone but is generally effective. The movie’s pacing is uneven throughout, with some lag in the middle and a slow start but some fun to be found throughout.


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