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Kevin Samuels is an American entrepreneur and investor. He has been involved in the tech industry for over 20 years, having founded several successful companies such as AppDirect, a cloud-based software platform that helps businesses manage their applications. In addition to his business ventures, he also serves on the board of directors at various organizations including The San Francisco 49ers Foundation and Code2040.

Early Life

Samuels was born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in Oakland where he attended high school before going on to study computer science at Stanford University. After graduating from college with honors, he went on to work at Microsoft Corporation as a software engineer before eventually founding his own company AppDirect in 2009.

Business Ventures

In 2010, Samuels launched AppDirect which quickly became one of the most popular cloud-based application management platforms available today. Since then it has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise serving more than 30 million users around the world. In addition to this success story, Samuels has also invested heavily into other startups such as TaskRabbit and Wealthfront while continuing to serve on boards across Silicon Valley’s top technology firms like Dropbox and Square Incorporated.

Philanthropy Work

In recent years, Samuels has become increasingly active within philanthropic circles by donating large sums of money towards causes related to education reform and economic development initiatives both domestically and abroad through organizations like Teach For America (TFA) and Kiva Microfunds respectively. Furthermore, he currently sits on multiple non-profit boards dedicated towards improving access for underserved communities throughout North America including CODE2040 which focuses specifically upon African Americans & Latinx individuals working within STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics).

Overall Kevin Samuels is an incredibly accomplished individual who continues making positive contributions not only within the tech industry but also society as a whole through his generous donations & volunteer efforts aimed towards helping those less fortunate achieve greater levels of success regardless of race or socio-economic background.

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